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    German shepherd dogs often appear in the police force and military area, which gives people a very dignified feeling. Such a fierce German shepherd dog, is there something to be afraid of? No one has a perfect individual, let alone a dog. Now let’s take a look at what the German Shepherd is afraid of.
    1. Sound. German shepherd dog’s hearing is very sharp. However, some German shepherds will show a sense of fear for sudden loud sounds, such as lightning, thunder, aircraft roar, firecrackers, etc. For example, if you escape to a safe place with your tail clamped, you can get into the house or narrow place with your neck constricted; if you have no interest in food or refuse to eat, even if you blame it, it will not work. And as long as the sound continues, the German shepherd’s mood will not be stable, and the comfort of the owner will not have any effect. German shepherd dog’s body will also have a series of changes, such as faster breathing, body shaking, faster pulse, temperature rise. The German Shepherd may also have a baby eating tragedy.
    2. Light and fire. Many German Shepherds are afraid of flash and fire. For example, a smoke fire, a searchlight, or even a moment when a match is lit when smoking, will frighten the German shepherd. Like the fear of sound, it is an instinctive warning of the German Shepherd to natural phenomena. But different from the sound, when light and fire appear in the German shepherd’s territory, it will carefully bark around, so there are many German shepherd’s fire alarm stories. Some German shepherds also hate fireworks very much. They stamp out cigarette butts thrown on the ground with their feet. If we strengthen the training of these actions, we can get very useful skills for guarding German shepherds. The German shepherd dog has a strong fear of death. This mainly refers to the death of the same kind. The smell of German shepherd dog after death has a strong terrorist stimulation to the living German shepherd dog. Even the most intimate German Shepherd Dog partner and their offspring dare not approach, showing the fear of being towered, stepping back and shaking all over.
    3. Some German Shepherds are also afraid of leather smell, that is, they hate shoes made of leather, which may be caused by the smell of other animals left on the leather. Sometimes the German shepherd’s fear is caused by an incomprehensible phenomenon. If there is no breath of life but there are living specimens, toys that can make birds and animals sound and move, doors that no one is blown by the wind, open umbrellas, etc., all make German Shepherds hard to understand and feel creepy.

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