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    What do Snakehead eat? As for frozen fish, frozen shrimp and other foods, it must be noted that they have completely melted when feeding, otherwise, it will cause gastroenteritis of Snakehead. The choice of this kind of food is to prefer the healthy live fish quick freezing. In addition, the long freezing time will also make the feed meat rotten.

    What insects and insects do Snakehead eat. These are also ideal food for Snakehead, but there are also selection restrictions. For example, bread worms and barley worms are too high in nutrients, which can easily cause fish to become fat. And fish eating insects is equivalent to people taking drugs. It’s not easy to change food after feeding them several times.

    Dried shrimps, this kind of food can be fed for a long time, and it is very convenient. It’s just that the nutrition will not keep up, so it’s not recommended to choose it as the main food. It’s better to use it as an auxiliary material. Feed, a good quality feed, for most people, is extremely convenient and convenient food, and for fish, it has nutrition and taste.

    Because the Snakehead’s ability to resist hunger is very strong, so the suggestion is that it would rather not feed more than not. Feeding more Snakehead’s digestive ability can’t keep up, it’s easy to get gastroenteritis. The body also goes out of shape. Feeding example: a meal of feed and a dried shrimp every day. Do not feed for 1-2 days per week. Feed some feed fish raised by yourself regularly for one month.

    Temperature control: Snakehead does not require high water temperature. For example, the appropriate temperature of seven color Snakehead is 22-28 degC. If it is higher than this point or lower than this point, it will cause damage to its body. Frequency and flow of water change: in fact, many Snakehead live in living water, so it is necessary to set a proper flow speed in the fish tank. The frequency of water change can be one third of the cylinder change every two weeks, and one third of the cylinder change every three weeks. The number of water changes should not be too many. It is also not good to not change water for a long time.

    Above all, it introduces what do you want to eat and feeding related problems. Generally speaking, it’s not difficult to raise it.

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