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    We all know that dogs can’t speak. Humans can say what they want to express through language, but dogs can’t speak, so they can only express their needs and emotions through body language. This is the only way of communication between dogs and humans. But as pet owners, do you really understand what dogs want to express? Today, I’m going to talk about the five common movements of dogs.

    1. Wagging the tail. Wagging the tail is probably the most common action of dogs, but do we really understand its meaning? In general, we think that a dog wags its tail to express its love for a person. In fact, it is more rigorous to say that a dog is expressing its excitement. When it meets a stranger and puts on a defensive posture, it will wag its tail. So don’t think that a dog likes you by wagging his tail. He will wag his tail when attacking. He may want to attack you!

    2. Licking the nose. Licking the nose is also one of the most common behaviors. Unlike yawning, dog licking the nose is just to show that it is nervous, or in a strange environment, licking the nose often appears together with yawning. For example, when a dog is on a moving object, at a very high place, it will have this behavior. Another situation is that dogs need to keep their noses moist and lick their noses!

    3. The meaning of lying down the dog is very simple, that is to obey, which means that he admits that you are his master, put down his posture, and express the meaning of “I will not violate you”. When fear and fear, lower your body or even lie down to show obedience. When the dog lies down in front of you, it proves that the dog recognizes your master status. In the days to come, you will be able to train your dog with half the effort.

    4. It’s a lovely action. Have you ever been killed by your dog? Don’t think that your hairy kid is cute. In fact, he just wants to see your expression. Because of the structure of the dog’s face, the dog’s nose will block his sight at some time. The dog can’t understand what you are talking about, but he can better observe your expression and guess your general mood by tilting his head!

    5. Yawning. Dog yawning is very common, naive you will not really think it is really sleepy! In fact, only a small part of the time the dog yawns is because he is sleepy. In other times, most of it is to relieve his tension. When you scold the dog, the dog will yawn constantly. In fact, it means that you “forget it, have a rest”! The above five actions are often done by dogs. I believe that through the article, everyone should understand it, so that you can communicate with them more conveniently.

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