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    Tiger Barb is a kind of fish with a very complex diet. It can eat anything, which requires special attention of breeders in the feeding process. Because improper feeding may affect the body of the Tiger Barb, and the fish like to swim in groups, and the speed of swimming is very fast, so it will consume physical strength, so it is necessary to feed and replenish physical strength in time.

    As for what the Tiger Barb eats, we said at the beginning that the Tiger Barb belongs to omnivorous animals, so there are not too many requirements for feed, most of the feed can be accepted, just the general ornamental fish feed, but the Tiger Barb prefer to eat live feed such as red thread worm, fish worm, frozen red worm, granular feed and dry feed. Besides, vegetables and fruits are OK. It’s easy to feed.

    However, live baits such as fish and worms should not be fed as much as possible because they are not easy to digest. Moreover, the newly hired Tiger Barb is not suitable for eating and has not yet adapted to the environment. It is in good condition for 2-3 days and can be fed basically. It can be used as an opening to eat a small amount of feed to slowly regulate and raise, forming a regular pattern, basically without problems. Red blood worms can be dried blood worms or dried shrimps.

    Although the Tiger Barb eats vegetables, not all vegetables. The vegetables that the Tiger Barb can eat include green vegetables, rape, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, lettuce, cabbage, etc., but spinach can’t, which is easy to cause enteritis. Apple in fruit is OK. Compared with fruit, it is more interested in vegetables. As long as you like it, you will rush to eat it. If you don’t like it, you will shake your head and leave. It’s very personal.

    We all know what Tiger Barb eat through the article. It is reminded that Tiger Barb like old water with high oxygen content, and Tiger Barb like to attack other fish, so it’s better not to mix with other kinds of fish.

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