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    Schnauzer has a headache in daily life. However, when the dog has a fever, the owner should not give the dog drugs used by human without authorization, because the dog and human body structure are quite different. Once misused, the dog may suffer from drug poisoning.

    1. How to judge if Schnauzer has a fever? Many owners may say to look at the nose. If it’s dry, it proves that the dog has a fever. In fact, this is not an accurate method. Some dogs keep their noses moist when they have a fever. When dogs have a fever, they may suffer from listlessness, loss of appetite and unwillingness to move. If you call them to respond only by looking up, you should doubt whether they have a fever. At this time, you can take out a thermometer to take the dog’s temperature. The normal dog’s temperature is 38-39 degC for puppies and 37.5-38.5 degC for adults.

    2. What should the owner do after the dog has a fever?
    It is prohibited to abuse antipyretics. As the article said at the beginning, the dog’s body structure is quite different from that of human beings. It is difficult for the owner to judge the dosage given to the dog. If the dosage is not enough, the treatment effect cannot be achieved. If the dosage is excessive, the dog will suffer from drug poisoning. In addition, some dogs’ fever may be caused by other diseases. If the symptoms of fever are covered up for a while, it may aggravate the dog’s condition.

    Change diet. The dog’s appetite will decrease after the fever, so the owner can give the dog some easily digested food, such as canned food. In order to prevent the dog from dehydration, the owner should also ensure that the dog has enough water.

    Physical cooling. The cold towel can help the dog cool down. If it’s summer, the owner can also drench the dog with cold water.

    See a doctor in time. In many cases, the owner is not sure what the real cause of the dog’s fever is, so for the sake of the dog’s health, the owner had better take the dog to the pet hospital as soon as possible.

    3. Other precautions. When dogs suffer from some infectious diseases, they may also have fever. However, these infectious diseases can be prevented by vaccination, and the owner can get rid of them once and for all.

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