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    Yorkshire is a long haired dog, so the owner needs to do a good job of maintaining their hair. The use of pet shower gel and hair care element is only a small part of the maintenance work. In order to make the dog’s hair shine from inside to outside, the owner also needs to supplement them.

    The first step in toning is to understand what nutrients your dog needs. Generally, the nutrition in dog food can fully meet the needs of dogs. At present, there are also dog food specially developed for Yorkshire on the market. Interested owners can give dogs a try. If you give your dog ordinary dog food, you can also give your dog some protein, vitamins, etc.

    Protein can make Yorkshire hair not easy to break or bifurcate, and increase the flexibility of hair. Fat can keep your dog’s fur shiny. The right amount of vitamins can improve the dog’s immunity, help the fur absorb nutrients, and make the hair healthier.

    In addition, the lack of some trace elements may cause the dog’s hair to dry out and be short of hair. If the dog is short of trace elements, the owner needs to supplement them appropriately. To supplement protein, the owner can give the dog a proper amount of lean meat, eggs, shrimp and other foods, while the fat can be obtained from vegetable oil. In the process of supplementing these two substances, the owner must remember that it must not be excessive, otherwise it may lead to other health problems of the dog.

    Usually dogs don’t need extra vitamins and microelements, because there are enough vitamins and microelements in their daily food. If necessary, the owner can give the dog some vegetables, animal liver, etc., and also avoid excessive supplementation. When the weather is fine, it’s better for the owner to take the dog out in the sun. Ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria, and exercise can promote the blood circulation of the dog. All these can help the healthy growth of the dog’s hair.

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