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    Generally, dogs will begin to give birth after more than 2 months of pregnancy, so as the owner, we must be ready to deliver them at this time, because some dogs may not be able to give birth smoothly, so we need to help them, so what needs to be prepared for dog delivery. Following will make an introduction.

    On the whole, before the delivery of a pet dog, the owner should prepare the delivery box (a large enough sleeping pad is OK), disposable plastic gloves, alcohol, scissors, iodine, cotton sticks, cotton threads, towels, toilet paper, etc. To help a pet dog deliver a baby, it is necessary to wear disposable plastic gloves, which is the most basic to ensure health and prevent infection. The main function of alcohol is to disinfect hands and instruments (scissors, etc.). Dogs also need to cut the umbilical cord when they are born. A clean and disinfected scissors is very important. Iodine wine is used to disinfect the navel of the dog who has just cut the cord, because the cord will bleed when it is cut, which is a normal phenomenon of course; cotton stick is mainly used to dip iodine wine to wipe iodine wine on the cut cord of the dog baby.

    In general, dogs are able to give birth smoothly. However, if the dog has dystocia, it is better to send it to the hospital for professional operation. If the owner is not sure whether your dog is pregnant, you can take your dog to the vet and have a check, so that you can feel at ease.

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