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    Husky’s pregnancy cycle is about 60 days. In these two months, the mother who is pregnant with husky will be very hard. So how to feed and take care of pregnancy Husky? What food does husky eat better?

    The signs of husky during pregnancy include food intake, weight gain and chest enlargement. The nursing of husky during pregnancy can be divided into three stages: first, 1-30 days is the first stage. Husky bitch who just got pregnant (about one to two weeks) should avoid strenuous exercise and miscarriage! At this time, it’s OK to ensure that Husky’s normal feeding level. Don’t add too much meat, eggs, nutrition and food. Because at this stage, husky dog grows slowly in her mother’s stomach and is very small. If you feed too much food, the nutrition will be absorbed by the bitch, which is equal to fattening the bitch! It’s fat and doesn’t exercise. It’s easy to have dystocia.
    30-45 days is the second stage. The baby in Husky’s mother’s womb is beginning to grow! The most direct change you can feel is when the mother starts to pee. If you used to walk your dog once in the morning and once in the evening, you should add one or two times a day, increase the amount of exercise properly, and let the female dog practice the earth stick. At the same time, it is necessary to properly add nutrition to husky bitch, such as meat, eggs, yoghurt, etc. It must be a small amount. If the fetus absorbs too much nutrition and grows too fast, it will also be difficult to give birth.
    45-60 days is the third stage. You can see the husky bitch’s belly bulging very clearly! In the last few days, you can feel the baby rolling in the belly! Make sure the bitch has a certain amount of exercise. If she can’t run, take her for a walk. At this time, husky bitch is like a hungry wolf, never enough to eat! To control the amount of feed (about 20% – 50% more than usual is enough), if you give too much, you will hurt it!

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