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    It has become a part of the life of most dog owners to wear a good dog rope to walk the dog when going out. Walking the dog is not only good for the dog’s health, but also good for the owner’s health, so it is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone. When walking the dog, you should have the relevant tools to ensure the safety of the dog.
    1. Hauling rope: Hauling rope is a necessary tool for walking dogs. Some owners think that their dogs are very obedient and obedient, so they don’t need to wear hauling rope at all. Such behavior is not advocated, or even can be said to be irresponsible. Dogs are usually very good at home, but once outside, we can hardly guarantee that there will be no sudden situation that will frighten dogs. If there is no restriction of hauling rope, the dog may run around. If there is any vehicle on the road at this time, the probability of being hit is quite high. In addition, the function of the leash is to avoid the dog biting others, and to separate the strange dogs faster when they quarrel.
    2. The pooper and garbage bag are all based on the personal quality of the owner. In fact, cleaning the poop of your dog in time is also good for your dog. If most owners can do this, not only their living environment can be guaranteed. Dogs are also much less likely to be exposed to the feces of strange dogs. Some dogs are infected with infectious diseases due to contact with the feces of other dogs. Although we can’t fail to pay attention to stray dogs’ disorderly excretion, at least we can clean up our dogs’ excretion.

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