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    Before feeding, determine whether to feed the dog. Although snacks cannot be the main food, they are also an integral part of the dog’s life. The function of snacks is not only to improve the taste of dogs, but also to solve the related problems such as dogs’ unwillingness to eat. However, we should pay more attention to the selection of snacks. Which dog snacks can we feed?
    We know that dogs are carnivores, so we can usually provide some meat for dogs. It is recommended to simply cook pork with water, do not feed raw meat, and avoid the problem of parasites in the body. Using only water without seasoning is to prevent dogs from developing the habit of picking food. Moreover, pork will not affect the skin of dogs. For example, dogs with skin diseases are not suitable for feeding meat such as beef and mutton.
    Canned food is also a common snack. If the dog is reluctant to eat, he can mix some canned food in the dog food to improve his taste. But this method is not suitable for use all the time, because it is likely to backfire, so that dogs are only willing to eat cans.
    In addition, some fruits can also be used as snacks to feed dogs, but also to supplement dogs with extra vitamins and water. For example, apple, watermelon and other fruits can be occasionally fed to dogs. It should be noted that before feeding the dog fruit, it is better to check whether this kind of fruit is suitable for feeding the dog, so as to avoid the influence of substances that are not easy to metabolize on the dog’s health.

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