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    The health uneasiness index of winter is rising day by day! This seemingly quiet season, in fact, there are many things that dogs need to know, let the professional pet doctor remind you! Dog eye health should not be ignored

    1. Ophthalmology: special attention should be paid to all seasons, according to Dr. Chen Xiaojie, ophthalmologist of Manhattan animal hospital, dog’s eye diseases will not change due to seasons. However, in winter, some eye problems will occur due to lifestyle changes and neglect. For example, the dog whose collar is too tight and neck is tied tightly, or whose nose is short and eyes are protruding Easy to be injured by clothing accessories or accessories. According to Dr. Tan Dalun, President of the Department of internal medicine and Nephrology of Manhattan animal hospital, the temperature difference makes the trachea sensitive and easy to cause respiratory tract infection, cough, or inhalation of allergens to produce reactions on the skin. The decrease of temperature makes blood vessels contract, blood vessel resistance and blood pressure rise, the body uses heat to keep body temperature, increases the load of heart and aggravates the original cardiovascular disease. In cold weather, when the speed of blood flow becomes poor and the water intake is insufficient, dogs with renal function problems or renal failure will become regular visitors to the hospital.

    2. Dermatology: skin diseases don’t stop in winter. According to Dr. Chen Chaoli, Asia dermatology specialist of Manhattan animal hospital, Taiwan’s climate has not changed much in fact, but it is humid and rainy because of the surrounding sea, with an average humidity of over 75% RH, so skin diseases may occur in four seasons. It is generally believed that fleas begin to sleep in winter. Dr. Chen said, “fleas are only biting dogs when their mobility is reduced. The flea remover should be used every 3-4 weeks, regardless of season. It’s very important to protect the dog’s joints. Don’t fall into rheumatism.

    3. Orthopedics: the first step to protect the joints. Because of the cold and humid weather, the blood circulation is easy to be bad. The joint tissue can’t discharge the intracellular fluid with the change of the outside temperature, which will cause joint pain and swelling. Cai Kunlong, director of famous animal hospital and orthopaedic surgeon, suggested that the first step to protect joints is to keep warm. Put a warm pad on half of the dog’s sleeping pad, so that they can choose whether to sleep on the warm pad or not; if the dog wants to sleep on the ground, it doesn’t have to stop him, but it must avoid humidity.

    4. Veterinarian: tonic and physical fitness. If additional supplement is needed, remember not to add salt and seasoning, and not to eat too much. The isothermal and simple prescriptions of sesame oil chicken, Siwu soup and Shiquan Dabu soup can be directly applied to dogs, but common prescriptions such as mutton stove, ginger duck, stewed pork ribs must be avoided.

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