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    We know that some of the Teddy dogs have heavy tear marks, so that some of the more serious dogs will show the feeling of tears all the time. There are many reasons for this situation, but there are more cases of trichiasis and eye inflammation in Teddy dogs. Let’s talk about it in detail. What eye diseases do Teddy dogs often have with tears? ??

    The eyes of a teddy dog also have eyelashes. Sometimes the eyelashes of one eye will grow reversely, which is usually called trichiasis. Such a situation will stimulate the eyes of a teddy dog and cause one eye of a teddy dog to cry constantly when it is uncomfortable. In this case, the owner needs to take a teddy dog to a pet hospital for surgery, which can be fundamentally solved The constant flow of tears caused by this problem.

    Teddy’s eyes are delicate, so there are often some diseases and so on. For example, Teddy may have keratitis. This kind of phenomenon often occurs not only in tears, but also in red eyes, and even serious swelling around. In this case, you can give a Shiba Inu anti-inflammatory drugs, and then drop some eyedrops and so on. Generally speaking It can be eased. There is also a big reason for Teddy’s tears, that is, there is something wrong with his ears or his nasolacrimal duct is blocked for some reasons. If these two conditions are the same, the Teddy dog will continue to shed a lot of tears, but these two conditions cannot be treated at home, so we should take the Teddy dog to see a doctor in time.

    Because if the nasolacrimal duct is blocked, it needs to be manually dredged by the doctor, which is more technical, so the general parents can’t do it. It’s better to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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