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    Dog food suddenly one day the joint is not good and the dog walks unsteadily. That must be the joint problem. The dog joint is bad. Taking medicine right away will not be the best solution. It’s better to take medicine than taking food.
    Many of them are caused by the lack of nutrients. Therefore, the owner should first work hard on the dog food. Arthropathy accounts for about 10% of clinical cases. Some of the symptoms of arthropathy are skillful, so they are often ignored. If the joint disease is diagnosed in the late stage, the dog will not only suffer from the pain, but also will suffer from the movement disorder caused by the decreased activity of the sick joint, that is, “disability”. Weight control, obesity is the direct cause of joint disease deterioration, but also easy to be ignored. The use of nutritional supplements has become the current trend in the treatment of joint diseases. In addition, it is also important to help restore joint function through appropriate exercise such as swimming. Some prescription foods can alleviate the joint diseases of dogs, which designed for hair and joint health. And some food has obvious anti-inflammatory effect, helps to improve skin problems, alleviate joint pain, delay cartilage degeneration, rich in natural astaxanthin, and can clear itself Harmful substances, enhance immunity, promote cardiovascular health.

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