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    Dogs can’t help playing games with their dogs in their daily life, but some games can help dogs form good habits, while some games can cultivate some bad habits. What we want to say is what kinds of games are suitable for playing with dogs. These games can not only help them form some good habits, but also train their abilities.

    1. Hide and seek: teach dogs how to find you when they hear the call and when they can’t see you. Or hide a toy or a biscuit and encourage the dog to search. It’s a great and seductive game!

    2. Compete for the game: you take out the toy to let the dog play with you, you make all the rules! “Title”, “pull”, “release”, the beginning and end of the game are in accordance with your instructions. When the game is over, you will keep the toys until the next game. This is the exercise of the master’s leadership position, which should be used in a moderate way. If it is too fierce, it should be stopped immediately.

    3. Retrieve game: you take out the ball and launch a “retrieve” game under your control. The game evolves into a training course: “sit”, “wait”, “go”, “retrieve”, “come” and “release”. Finally, you take the ball until the next game.

    4. Training game: train your dog’s brain, teach him to salute, roll, shake hands, or just put biscuits on his nose to keep balance! These games can not only improve your dog’s obedience to you, but also improve their intelligence. Moreover, these games can also let the dog learn a lot in play, which is a lot of things at one stroke.

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