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    When it comes to the depilation of Border Collies, there are only two situations. One is that in daily life, parents do not pay special attention to the living conditions of Border Collies. The other is pathological, which may be caused by skin diseases. These parents should distinguish them first. What happened to the depilation of Border Collies?

    First of all, if the border collie suffers from skin diseases such as folliculitis or eczema, or because of playing in a very dirty place, it will cause a lot of depilation. They scratch their fur with their claws and teeth because of itching. They scratch off a lot of dog hair. At this time should be taken to the pet hospital in time. There is also the situation in life just mentioned. Some owners don’t use the special bath gel for dogs when bathing the border collie, which may cause the skin disease of the border collie or the skin disease caused by mite parasitism. If this is the case, you need to take the border collie to the hospital to take the right medicine to cure the dog’s problem.

    The other is that the border collie shed in spring and autumn. If they don’t need so much hair in summer, they will take off part of their old hair to regulate their body temperature when the weather warms up. In winter, it will grow fluffy to survive. This is a normal phenomenon. In this period of time, you can comb the border collie every day and clean the fallen fur, so as to prevent the house from being full of dog hair.

    Finally, in addition to the intuitive problems in hair, parents should also pay attention to the normal diet of Border Collies. Do not give Border Collies too salty food, because eating salty food will not only lead to kidney load aggravation, but also lead to serious eye droppings and skin diseases. Finally, if there is a problem, go to the hospital to find a doctor.

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