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    Has the dog ever looked at his dog in the mirror? Each dog will have their different reactions. Dog, a small family member, has no reaction when he sees himself in the mirror. What’s your dog’s reaction?

    Generally, many animals will be hostile to themselves in the mirror. Dogs are no exception. They will show their teeth and pose for attack. Gradually, the hostility will be reduced.

    When some dogs look at themselves in the mirror, they will think they are a new friend. They will play with themselves in the mirror. The dog will run around excitedly, howl in front of the mirror, and then run away quickly, and then run back quickly. So repeatedly running and amusing, I will lie down quietly until I am tired, or I will try to scratch myself in the mirror with my claws, or I will smell and see through my nose.

    Some dogs also look at themselves in the mirror narcissistic, curious and serious research, sometimes seriously lying in front of the mirror, quiet and don’t understand for a long time. Sometimes a dog may try to go around behind the dog in the mirror. Of course, every attempt can’t succeed.

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