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    The importance of calcium for the body is self-evident, so it is very important to supplement calcium properly. Of course, we all know that if excessive calcium supplement is not good for dogs, it will have a very serious impact on them. So what harm does excessive calcium do to dogs?

    1. It causes long-term hypercalciuria and increases the chance of stone formation in urinary system;

    2. It leads to premature calcification of cartilage, premature closure of anterior fontanelle and formation of microcephaly, which restricts the brain development of dogs;

    3. Premature calcification of bone, early closure of epiphysis, impact on the development of long bone and limitation of final height.

    4. The content of calcium in bone is too much, the bone is brittle and easy to fracture;

    5. It affects the appetite of dogs, so as to affect the absorption of other nutrients in the intestin.

    6. Too much calcium in the intestine will inhibit the absorption of iron, zinc and other divalent ions, resulting in secondary zinc deficiency and iron deficiency, and lead to the dog’s immune decline, anorexia, slow growth, anemia, fatigue and other corresponding symptoms

    7. If the concentration of blood calcium is too high, the calcium will be deposited in the viscera or tissues. If it is deposited around the cornea, it will affect the vision. If it is deposited on the heart valve, it will affect the heart function. If it is deposited on the blood vessel wall, it will aggravate the vascular sclerosis.

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