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    Dog instinct sometimes dogs act out of their instinct, so we don’t need to correct this problem. It might be better to let it go.
    1. Territory awareness. Basically all dogs have a certain territory awareness, so when strangers or strange dogs come near, they will show an unfriendly attitude, but their attitude will be much better when they confirm that there is no threat from each other.
    2. Dogs don’t care about the birds. The dog is also a social animal, and has a leader. Although the dog’s character has changed a lot through constant domestication, the character of liking to group still exists.
    3. Usually take the dog out to contact with other dogs, play is also good. We may find that dogs are sensitive to fast moving objects. This is also because some dogs were used to help hunters hunt, so they are very sensitive to running animals. That’s why dogs chase the ball we throw.
    4. In fact, most dogs chase cats not as a kind of prey, but as a moving object. Because cats are small, fast-moving and ready to escape at any time, they induce the hunting instinct of dogs.
    5. Sniffing unfamiliar food. In fact, dogs rely on their noses the most in life, so dogs will sniff each other when they meet each other, and they can get a lot of information from these smells. Combined with the dog’s strong sense of smell, they can rely on this feature to find food at a long distance.
    6. Urination mark. When walking the dog, we will see the dog walk around and stop to urinate in different places. This is not their urethra problem, but the mark. The dog can find the way back through these smells. It can also provide information to other dogs. It is also a common phenomenon when dogs mark territory.

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