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    AKC = American Kennel Club. AKC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of purebred dogs. Founded in 1884, AKC is composed of more than 530 independent kennel clubs across the United States. In addition, there are about 3800 affiliated clubs participating in AKC activities, using AKC’s charter to carry out dog exhibitions, carry out relevant matters, education plans, hold training courses and health clinics.
    In 1997, there were 15738 activities approved by AKC in the United States, including 3289 dog exhibitions, 2561 obedience and tracking training and 3305 performance activities. A representative is elected every minute to exercise his / her right of representation, but only dog club can become AKC member. These representatives constitute the legislative body of AKC. They make rules for their activities and elect 21 directors. The directors are responsible for the management of AKC, the selection of AKC officials and the formulation of policies and rules in accordance with the principles determined by the representatives. The AKC organization is divided into the planning and implementation department located in the headquarters of New York and the capital of North Carolina. All registration functions are managed by the state of North Carolina. AKC records more than 1.3 million dogs’ parents every year, but the department participates in the dog business, so it can not guarantee the health and breed quality of registered dogs. Some employees, including AKC local representatives and dog inspectors, work outdoors and return to headquarters regularly to report to their department heads.
    AKC’s function – Issue pedigree certificates of purebred dogs.
    The registration of male breeding and the number of births of puppies are issued every month. Monthly publications, such as the American Journal of dog breeding, which records the points earned by each champion dog, the report of dog show and the results published.
    Authorize dog show. We should educate the masses about the so-called purebred dogs. –Sponsor medical research on dogs. –Arrange the date and place of the dog race. –Issue review license. –Supervise the dog show. –Representing the United States in the international dog race to promote purebred dogs. AKC’s Dog Association – when you join the local Dog Association, you become a member of the local dog show. You will meet many colleagues and keep in touch with the breeders and competitors around you. You also have a chance to learn how to distinguish between ordinary dogs and special dogs. And you can also have the opportunity to hold a dog show in your area! – the local dog associations are the main organizations in the dog industry, whose main purpose is to teach members and the general public and sponsor the dog show approved by AKC. To sponsor these events, they must also be recognized by AKC and abide by the rules of AKC competition. In addition, the judges of dog show must be selected from the list of AKC qualified judges.
    There are two kinds of local dog associations: the all Dog Association and the single Dog Association. -Single breed associations include shepherd Association and Starling Association. So it’s also a good plan to join a single breed association in your area. -All local single breed associations are under the jurisdiction of AKC, even their mothers’ associations. For example, the southern Spaniel association is under the jurisdiction of the American Spaniel Association, and then the American Spaniel association is under the jurisdiction of AKC. The mother association is responsible for maintaining the official standards of dog breeds. Any change of dog breeds standards must be approved by the mother Association and sent to AKC for final confirmation.

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