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    The so-called leader’s syndrome is usually the relationship between the dog and the owner, which means that the dog turns a deaf ear to the owner’s orders and may even make a counterattack to the owner. But the cause of this phenomenon is not the dog, but the owner’s feeding method has a lot of mistakes.
    1. Like to walk with the owner when walking: dogs like to walk in front of the owner and lead the owner. If the owner doesn’t cooperate with the dog’s wishes, they will use more strength to lead the owner. If there is such a problem, it is better for the young and strong breeder to control the situation.
    2. They like to bark and don’t listen to persuasion when they are locked in the cage: generally, this kind of dog is not willing to be bound to freedom, and when they are restricted, they will be anxious and disturbed, and will be damaged.
    3. Disobey the owner’s orders: the orders of the owner are usually ignored or ignored.
    4. Holding the owner’s legs to do the cross climbing action: sometimes the dog makes this action to the owner only because of the estrous instinct. Dogs with leader’s syndrome are challenging the status of their owners, so don’t think it’s fun. Stop it in time.
    5. Don’t let the owner touch his abdomen: the abdomen is the most vulnerable and soft part of the dog. Only when the dog expresses trust or submission to you, they will show it in front of you. If you touch a dog’s abdomen, they make a counterattack action, and then combined with some normal phenomena, judge whether the dog has leader’s syndrome.

    Usually, we should not be too obedient to the wishes of dogs, how to improve:
    1. When dogs make mistakes, we should criticize them promptly and severely. We should not blindly tolerate them, muddle along, and we must establish prestige in front of dogs.
    2. Only feed the dog after eating by itself. If it’s advanced food every time, the dog will come and yell at you once he sees that you’re eating and he hasn’t eaten.
    3. Don’t let the dog lie on the sofa or bed.
    4. The dog is indifferent when barking.
    5. When taking the dog out, try to let the dog go with him. Once there is food rushing forward or picking up the food on the ground at will, be sure to use the traction rope to hold the dog.

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