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    The owners of fawn dogs usually choose to leave their dogs at the pet store or friends only when they have been away from home for more than one day. However, for the working people who leave early and return late every day, they can only keep their dogs at home alone. When the owners come back from work, they will find many strange phenomena. At this time, the owners do not understand. In fact, this is caused by the dog separation depression. Here are a few details about the symptoms of dog separation depression and how to improve it.

    Separation anxiety: The dog’s symptoms that can’t stay at home alone (away from the owner):

    1. Barking constantly
    2. Drooling seriously
    3. Biting and destroying things randomly
    4. Urinating everywhere
    5. Anorexia or loss of appetite
    6. Trying to escape the restrictions given by the owner
    7. Excessive licking or biting of limbs

    Improvement method:
    1. Let the dog participate in obedience training — lie down and wait for more than 15 minutes.

    2. Let the dog get used to the dog cage – keep it in the cage for more than 6 hours.

    3. Don’t say goodbye to the dog when you go out, or give special toys to treat separation anxiety to shift the focus of the dog.

    4. Turn on the TV or radio when you go out.

    5. Don’t say hello to the dog when you go home.

    6. Simulate the action before going out; for example, take the key and change clothes, but don’t leave, and pacify the dog’s uneasy mood.

    7. Give the dog enough exercise to relieve his stress.

    8. Build the right relationship between people and dogs – set your leadership.

    9. Seek help from doctors to treat anxiety behaviors with drugs.

    10. Buy another pet to accompany him, either cat or dog.

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