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    The dog’s nose is healthy, which has been recognized by many people. Does a dry bath mean that the dog is not healthy? Following will talk about the dry and wet condition of the dog’s nose.

    1. Under normal circumstances, dogs will keep their noses very moist, which can make their sense of smell more sensitive. Therefore, the nose color of dogs should be black and slightly wet. And the dog’s nose will dry, probably because of illness. A long period of non licking is one of the reasons why dogs dry their noses when they are sick. Just like when we are sick, we may not care about whether we wash our faces or brush our teeth because of our physical discomfort. Dogs do not have this interest when they are sick. So a dog’s fever is one of the causes of dry nose. Because the temperature is high and the nose is not licked, the nose is easier to dry. There is also a major symptom of dog plague, a fatal pre disease, which is a dry nose, accompanied by a dry paw pad. Skin diseases. Due to the dry climate, many owners will find a small piece of hair on both sides of the dog’s mouth, and the nose is also very dry, but the mental appetite is very good. Veterinarians say it’s probably a mite from a dog with skin disease.

    But the dry nose is normal in the following situations:
    1. Because it doesn’t lick its nose when sleeping, it will be dry when waking up, so the parents should not be nervous.

    2. Sometimes when exercising, dogs will not lick their noses because they are too excited. In this case, their noses will dry.

    What to do with the dry nose of the dog: if the dog is sick and has a fever, it will show that the dry nose has no spirit. At this time, the owner had better first measure the temperature of the dog at home (the normal temperature of the adult anal dog is. 38.5 – 37.5 degrees; the temperature of the pup is not more than 39 degrees). If the dog really has a fever, the owner had better take the dog to see a doctor immediately. Don’t take any medicine to avoid aggravating the condition!

    If you suspect that your dog may have skin disease, you’d better take him to a pet hospital for a skin check to see if he has mites. If your dog is sick, veterinarians generally recommend that you wipe your dog with medication wipes, and do not enter your mouth when taking medicine. At the same time, you should pay attention to the dog’s state, clean and dry environment, reduce bathing, sun exposure, drink more water for the dog, and forbid eating bones and salt and greasy food.

    Tips: Try not to let the dog eat too much salt in the diet. Eating too much salt will lead to the dog thirsty and dry nose.

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