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    Dog calcium tablets supplement the lack of calcium in dogs. We know that dogs need a lot of nutrition and energy for growth, such as protein, vitamins, calcium, minerals, fat and so on. Dog bone development needs enough calcium nutrition. If dogs lack calcium, it will lead to poor bone development and even serious bone diseases.
    Poor bone development in dogs can lead to joint relaxation, excessive friction between the femoral head and the back edge of the acetabulum, multiple increase of the force on the back edge of the acetabulum, so that the back edge of the acetabulum is more worn, and osteonecrosis of the femoral head cartilage and osteophyte on the edge of the acetabulum are caused. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the bone development of dogs. A cramp in a dog’s hind leg may also be due to a lack of calcium. When the calcium deficiency reaches a certain stage, the legs will become weak, and the situation of cramping and shaking will occur. In the face of this situation, it is recommended to take the pet dog to the pet hospital for a detailed physical examination to determine whether the body calcium deficiency is serious, and then make a reasonable plan to supplement calcium for the pet dog to alleviate the leg cramps. If you are sure of calcium deficiency, you need to supplement the dog with calcium, take calcium tablets, calcium powder and so on. Some dogs may not like calcium tablets very much. You can give them high calcium tablets.

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