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    Reasonable arrangement of eggs is a very nutritious food for us and dogs. However, it is not recommended to feed dogs because they are not easy to digest and absorb chicken protein. However, egg yolk is a good “tonic” for dogs, whether it is for the growth and development of dogs or to improve the coat of dogs. But the owner should also control the frequency of feeding, not too often, too much food will affect the dog’s health. It’s inevitable that dogs will be a little boring when they eat dog food. So it’s good to feed some other food properly to improve the taste of dogs. Egg yolk is good for dogs’ health. So it’s not bad to feed some occasionally, but it’s not necessary to feed too much. Generally, 1-2 per day is enough. Egg yolk contains calcium, lecithin, and other nutrients. Feeding puppies will benefit their growth and development. When the dog is lax, vomiting, gastrointestinal digestion is not good, you can also feed the dog egg yolk. When the dog turns his intestines, the typical symptoms are laxity and vomiting. At this time, doctors generally recommend fasting water. If the dog does not have vomiting symptoms, it is also good to feed some food. After all, the energy provided by infusion is limited. If you can’t get food supplement for a long time, the dog’s physical condition will gradually become worse. This situation can feed the dog egg yolk, provide certain energy, not only nutrition and good digestion, but also relieve the symptoms of thinning, which can also bring great help to the recovery of the dog. However, if the dog has strong vomiting symptoms, it is not recommended to feed, otherwise it may aggravate the vomiting of the dog.

    In order to supplement the dog with calcium or make the dog’s coat look better, many owners will feed the dog with calcium tablets, hair beautifying powder and other nutrients. However, because there are many brands and types of these products, the owners will also have a headache when selecting them. In fact, egg yolk can also provide a certain amount of calcium for dogs and has a certain effect on hair beauty, but it can only play a role in icing on the cake after all. If the dog has calcium deficiency, it’s better to choose the right calcium supplement for the dog.

    What should be paid attention to when feeding the cooked yolk to the dog?
    1. Do not feed the raw yolk directly. Take out the yolk to the dog after the egg is cooked.
    2. If the dog has constipation, don’t feed the yolk.
    3. When feeding, try to avoid swallowing. Because the yolk is dry, if swallowed too fast, it is easy to get stuck in the dog’s throat. So it’s better for the owner to feed the dog little by little, or mix in the dog food. Generally speaking, egg yolk is a kind of useful food for dogs, which can be fed slightly to supplement nutrition at ordinary times, but it must not be used as the main food, or fed too much.
    In addition, different dogs also have some physical differences, so after feeding the dogs, observe the condition of the dogs to see if they will have any adverse reactions.

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