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    How do dogs like to run around when they go out? Of course, Use a pet dog rope to tie it, which is not only safe, but also can control the dog in their own sight, and prevent the dog from jumping at people at random. It can be said that there are many things in one stroke, but dog rope is so useful. Do you really know the right way to use it?
    First, put the dog rope on the dog, and pay attention to the proper tightness of the dog rope. After putting the dog rope on, stretch out two fingers and insert them into the dog’s neck to feel the tightness of the dog rope. Generally, if two fingers are not tight after inserting, it means that the tightness of the dog rope is just good. When you go out, the dog rope should be tightly held in your own hands. No matter left hand or right hand, as long as you think you can pull the dog rope well and control the dog.
    Generally speaking, the dog rope should be slightly sagged from the collar of the dog to maintain a certain degree of relaxation. In addition, when taking a walk outdoors, try to keep the dog on your right side and then move in the same direction. Keeping your dog on your right side can better insulate your dog from danger. Dogs are more likely to be stimulated when they go out, and they also like to run around. Even if they are pulling the traction rope, they may be carried forward by dogs, so they are prone to danger, such as being hit by bicycles, etc. Say so much, you must choose a suitable pet dog rope for your dog, which can give your dog safety and freedom of control action, simple operation and excellent design, easy to operate and use.

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