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    Although there are many kinds of pup food, the nutrient elements in it are similar. Most pup food contain protein, fat, vitamin and mineral elements. Some dog parents will ask, what is the impact of these nutrients on dog? Following will introduce the function of proteins.

    Protein is a kind of high molecular compound which is composed of a polypeptide chain formed by the combination of α – amino acids in a certain order, and then one or more polypeptide chains in a specific way. Protein is the nutritional component that makes up and repairs various tissues and organs as well as other body structures. As the structural unit of dog’s skeleton, muscle, nerve structure and all other living tissues. Proteins can form bioactive substances. Enzymes, hormones, antibodies and other active substances in the body are composed of proteins. The body is like a complex chemical plant. All physiological metabolism and chemical reactions are completed by enzymes. Protein can regulate osmotic pressure. Protein can supply energy. This is not the main function of protein, but in the absence of energy, protein must also be used to generate energy. It can be said that there is no life activity without protein.
    So, dog parents can choose high protein puppy food, which contains nutrients to meet the growth and development of puppies! High content and high quality animal protein can help the bones to be healthier and speed up the muscle growth; rich multi vitamins can promote the skin and hair health of dogs; adding fructooligosaccharide and yeast can effectively improve the intestinal micro ecological environment and ensure the better digestion and absorption of food, which can be said to be the necessary food for young dogs.

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