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    Yorkshire is small in size, and many people will worry that they “can’t survive” in case of shaking. In fact, there are reasons for Yorkshire’s trembling. After knowing the reasons that will make Yorkshire tremble, the owner can prevent it in the daily maintenance process of the dog, and take emergency measures after the dog’s trembling.

    1. Dogs feel cold. Although Yorkshire has long hair, this does not mean that they are not afraid of cold. Especially in the cold winter, if the temperature is low and the host doesn’t do a good job of keeping warm, Yorkshire will shiver. To make themselves warmer, they try to stay on carpets, sofas, and even beds. When the dog feels cold, the owner can turn on the air conditioner or dress the dog to keep warm. Try not to take them out to avoid catching cold.

    2. Psychological changes. Dogs are most likely to shiver when they are afraid, especially for puppies, they are more likely to be frightened than adult dogs, and they are easy to leave psychological shadow after being frightened, which is difficult to cure. If the dog trembles because of fear, the owner can comfort the dog and speak to them softly. Although they can’t understand what you are talking about, your voice will make them feel safer and the trembling situation will be improved.

    3. When Yorkshire is ill or poisoned, they will have shivering symptoms. If there is a problem with the dog’s health, the owner should take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment at the first time. However, although some dogs have been treated, some diseases will leave dogs with the sequelae of body shaking. As long as the veterinarian confirms that it is OK, the owner should not worry too much. If the dog is shivering due to poisoning, the owner needs to seek the help of the veterinarian immediately to avoid accidents.

    4. Yorkshire is a small dog. They don’t need too much exercise. If they exercise too much, their heart will not be able to bear too much pressure, and the dog will start shaking. For Yorkshire, playing a few games at home is enough for their sports needs. If you want to take them out to “see the world”, the owner should not let them run for a long time, otherwise it will easily lead to excessive exercise.

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