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    First of all, exclude the increase of exercise, pregnancy and other normal situations. Although dogs always gobble when eating, they do not know how to control. Most dogs still manage their mouths well and walk away when they are full. So we can also roughly judge how much food can meet the needs of dogs. The dog’s appetite will increase or decrease with the increase of exercise and the change of physical condition, but it will not increase or decrease for a long time. If such a problem occurs, it is better to check the dog’s physical condition. If the dog has a good appetite recently and is interested in all kinds of food, the owner must find out the reason.
    We take the elimination method to eliminate some normal phenomena first:
    1. The amount of exercise is larger than usual, it will consume more calories, so it needs more food to supplement energy.
    2. It’s natural that mothers who are pregnant or raising puppies eat more.
    3. The dog is in the stage of growth and development, during which the food consumption will indeed increase.
    4. The previous feeding quantity was too small to meet the requirements of the dog.
    5. As the weather turns cold, dogs need more energy to resist the cold. Although dogs have a special interest in food, it is not good to feed dogs at ordinary times. Some dogs still have the desire to eat even if their stomachs have become round. In this case, it must be controlled in time to avoid indigestion.
    Abnormal appetite increase:
    1. The dog has the problem of parasites. Even if the dog eats a lot, the weight still hasn’t changed much, which may be caused by parasites.
    2. Check whether the poop of the dog is abnormal, because it may be a sign of abnormal gastrointestinal function. Dogs can’t digest or absorb food thoroughly. They can’t be satisfied.
    3. The abnormality of adrenal gland and intestinal gland, including diabetes, may also affect appetite, kidney disease will lead to protein loss and excessive physical consumption, so that dogs want more. Symptoms: over appetite, no weight gain, plenty of drinking water; depression, tiredness, easy fatigue, thin very fast. In this case, although the dog has a large appetite and eats a lot, it will gradually lose weight, so it is better to take a urine sample for inspection.
    4. Because of anxiety and other problems, dogs will have an increased appetite. Some dogs may also steal food.
    5. Some drugs can also increase appetite. Therefore, if the dog receives treatment for other diseases in the near future, the owner should inform the veterinarian in time.
    6. Delicious or sweet food containing more fat or fat is most likely to cause an increase in appetite, so at the same time, pay attention to whether there is any problem with the food you feed, and try to control the intake of such food.
    7. If the dog has been sterilized, the appetite of the sterilized dog will increase correspondingly, and it is easier to get fat than before. For this kind of dog, it is necessary to control the diet to prevent the occurrence of obesity.
    8. Whether two dogs are raised, but the bowl is one. In order to compete for food, some dogs are afraid that the food will be eaten by each other, which will speed up the eating speed, resulting in the owner’s feeling that the dog’s appetite is more vigorous than before. In this case, it is better to feed separately and prepare a bowl for each.

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