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    Dog food The nutrition in dog food is generally known by the owner on the package. Generally speaking, if you want to choose high nutrition dog food to make the dog grow up as soon as possible, you need to pay attention to protein and fat. Similarly, for dog food, calcium is also the one that the owner needs to pay attention to. The lack of calcium in the dog will lead to many symptoms such as bone dysplasia.
    Thee amount of calcium in food should be suitable. Meat is the main source of calcium (as well as calcium carbonate and bone meal), but only a small amount of calcium can be provided. A 30 kg German shepherd needs to consume about 60 kg of meat to meet the calcium demand. It’s impossible to give a dog 60 kg of meat. The amount of vitamin D3 and other trace elements will affect the absorption of calcium, and the amount of phosphorus will also affect the efficiency of calcium. Therefore, it is necessary to provide enough calcium for dogs in the diet, and consider the appropriate amount of phosphorus and vitamin D3. The nutrition of commercial dog food is balanced, and the calcium content is also suitable. Additional supplement of excessive calcium will lead to stagnation of internal regulation system. When the calcium demand becomes very important (such as early pregnancy), such as spasm (convulsion) and other discomfort, calcium supplement is needed at this time, but also under the guidance of the veterinarian. If the dog has calcium deficiency symptoms, it is necessary to supplement calcium.
    For example, the calcium supplement plaster should be optimized in terms of calcium absorption and palatability, which is a nutrition supplement plan for dogs of all ages; the scientific proportion that is easy to be absorbed, the high-quality raw materials should be selected, the absorption rate should be increased, and the probability of stones caused by calcium precipitation should be reduced. It can be prepared at home, which can help dogs in case of calcium deficiency.

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