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    Puppy food often contains a variety of nutrients. We know that the role of protein is important. And another very important substance in puppy food, the role and effect of cellulose. You should also pay attention to the identification when choosing dog food!
    Cellulose can promote the peristalsis of intestinal tract, as the substrate of intestinal flora fermentation, and help to balance the intestinal flora. If the source of food fiber is changed suddenly, the temporary balance will be destroyed, and the gastrointestinal distention and diarrhea will be caused due to uncontrollable fermentation. Fiber regulates food passing through the digestive tract to speed up or slow down the transport time.
    As the intestinal movement changes according to the stress level and physiological activity of dogs, the amount of fiber supplement in food should be determined according to the goal of the final food. Although fiber is good for digestion, it also reduces the digestibility of food. However, reducing the digestibility of food is beneficial for dogs with less exercise or obese dogs. By reducing the digestibility of food, the intake of food will not be reduced too much. The selection of a specific type of fiber can optimize this effect while limiting disadvantages.

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