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    Regularly groom their dogs is a very basic and important work in the breeding process, and this seemingly simple work actually has a lot of knowledge. According to the quality of the dog’s coat and the situation, we should also consider when choosing a comb.

    First, a stainless steel comb is recommended. Because the pet dog has its own fungus, and the stainless steel comb does not have bacteria, it will not spread bacteria! Moreover, the comb made of this material is not easy to generate static electricity, so it can avoid the risk of hair flying around and tying again.

    Secondly, pay attention to the softness and hardness of the needle when selecting the comb. Now there are many kinds of combs on the market. According to the hardness of the needles, they can be roughly divided into three types: hard, medium and soft. Their functions are different, so they can’t be used indiscriminately. Hard combs are mainly used to open knots, sometimes they are also used to comb large dogs or dogs with very hard hair. The weakness of this comb is that it is easy to break the hair. The softer comb can be used for dogs or cats with softer hair, and also for single coat dogs with smaller body, such as Yorkshire, Marcus, etc. sometimes, the comb will filter out the knots and make the comb not thorough. The medium hardness needle comb is widely used. It is suitable for all kinds of dogs, that is to say, all dogs and cats can use it. Because it is moderate in hardness and softness, it can be used for carding knots and daily care.

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