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    Because of the working relationship of their children, the situation of the elderly left behind has become more and more serious. In fact, this has a great impact on the elderly, because their mood is often lonely, and their heart will feel very lonely. Therefore, more and more old people will choose to raise a dog to accompany them. On the one hand, it is to ease their mood, on the other hand, it is a kind of spiritual sustenance for them. However, not all dogs are suitable for the old people to raise, so we will recommend what kind of dog the old people have.

    Generally, it’s better for the elderly to choose a smaller size dog, because after all, the elderly don’t have so much physical strength. If you keep a large size dog like Alaska, it is likely to lead to accidents. Therefore, the elderly can choose small dogs such as Teddy, Pomeranian, French Bulldog, Yorkshire, Jingba and so on. If the old people like to be lively, they can choose the livelier dogs. If they like to be quiet, they can choose some gentler ones to raise.

    Of course, it’s not that the old people can only choose small dogs to raise. Some big dogs are also better choices, such as golden hair, Labrador, etc. because these two kinds of dogs are relatively good in character and temper, and they are easy to train, and they are also very obedient to the orders of their owners, so they are good choices. It’s better not to choose some people to crazy dogs, otherwise Maybe they ran away as soon as you left.

    Therefore, when the old people choose dogs, they’d better choose some open-minded and mild tempered dogs to raise, and they’d better have low demand for sports. After all, the old people should pay more attention to their own body, and they can’t exercise too much. In addition, the elderly dog should not be overindulged, otherwise it will make their dogs develop very bad habits.

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