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    With the change of era, the logic of many pet owners is incomprehensible to ordinary people. People are like animals with meat exposed, and animals wear clothes like people. In fact, dogs wear clothes very carefully. So can all dogs wear clothes? Following tells us what kind of dog is not suitable for clothes.

    1. Grumpy dogs: When dogs wear clothes, they are more excited and jump around and run away. When they put on the clothes, they are all concerned about how to get rid of the clothes and tear the decorative sleeves on the clothes with their mouths. Advice: this kind of dog likes to bite clothes, so don’t dress the dog and save money.

    2. Dogs that can’t move when they put on their clothes: Some dogs can’t move or stay in the same position after they put on their clothes. I think it’s uncomfortable to wear clothes to limit freedom. Don’t dress your dog in this situation.

    3. Dogs who have skin diseases or are fond of tickling: Dogs who tickle their skin or like to have nothing will scratch there. Dogs who scratch here will scratch even more when they put on their clothes. This way, scratching across clothes not only doesn’t understand itching, but also easily scratches the dog’s paws. But it’s very damaging for clothes, especially for some silk fabrics like Tang suit, which are very expensive It’s too wasteful to scratch. It’s better to buy something delicious.

    4. Long haired dog: If you are a hardworking parent and you have a long haired dog, such as Yorkshire, you don’t mind dressing your dog. If you occasionally have time to comb and clean the dog’s hair. The appearance is beautiful. The dog that takes off his clothes will be a mess and grow long It’s easy for a hairy dog to knot in his clothes. It is not only not beautiful in appearance, but also prone to skin diseases.

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