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    We can’t blindly pursue more nutrients for dogs. Sometimes excessive nutrition may not be the icing on the cake but the icing on the cake. The same is true for the calcium supplement of dogs. Calcium supplement has a certain period and a certain situation. It is not good for the dog’s health at any time. Therefore, we need to find out what kind of dog needs calcium supplement, so as not to do bad things with good intentions. So what kind of dog needs calcium.

    First of all, no matter what size of dogs, there is no need to supplement calcium during lactation, because they can get a lot of calcium from breast milk. After weaning, there is no need to supplement calcium for minidogs and small dogs fed with puppy food, because the diet will contain a proper amount of calcium.

    However, large and medium-sized dogs should pay attention to appropriate calcium supplement at this time, because the larger the size of the dog, the faster the growth speed, and the greater the demand for calcium. Generally, the calcium contained in puppy food is difficult to meet their growth needs. If you are feeding your dog homemade food, you should pay more attention to calcium supplement in time. In addition, if your dog eats animal liver or meat as the main food for a long time, it should also supplement calcium appropriately. Because this kind of food not only contains low calcium content, but also contains high concentration of vitamin A, dogs long-term intake of high concentration of vitamin A can inhibit the absorption of calcium. Therefore, you should immediately change the habit of long-term liver feeding and supplement calcium for it in time.

    Not all dogs need calcium supplement. It’s the key to know what kind of dogs need calcium supplement. Blind calcium supplement may cause bone hyperplasia and other problems. Only when they need calcium supplement, they should be given calcium supplement, otherwise it’s just in vain.

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