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    Many human foods can harm cats. In some foods, cats can have symptoms of poisoning if they eat a little, which can be life threatening. Seasonings in human food can also increase the burden on cats kidney. The following are common foods that can harm cat health:
    1. Cow Milk
    2. Onion/Green Onion
    3. Animal Organs: Overeating of animal organs (such as chicken liver) can lead to vitamin A poisoning and bone problems in cats
    4. Fish bones, Chicken bones
    5. Dried fish: The dried fish contains a relatively large amount of magnesium, which is easy to induce cat urinary tract stones or urinary system diseases
    6. Ice cream, cream cake and dessert
    7. Chocolate
    8. Raw Albumen
    9. Rice
    Other food the cat can’t eat, please contact us!

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