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    The exercise of dogs should be arranged in a normal and reasonable way, and the proper amount of exercise is the basic factor to ensure the health of dogs. A certain amount of exercise every day is very necessary for dogs. Proper exercise can not only enhance the physical fitness of dogs, but also promote the absorption of nutrients. However, in the selection of sports and the amount of exercise, the main feed to consider. Because according to the dog’s body shape, there are some differences in the sports that can be carried out, and excessive exercise will cause burden and damage to the dog’s body.
    First of all, the dog should exercise properly every day. The owner can’t arrange casually according to his will, sometimes several times a day, sometimes once a few days. The amount of exercise should depend on the breed, age and individual of the dog. For example, the distance for small dogs to exercise every day is about 2-3km. For those middle and large dogs who like to run, they can run about 8km every day. For some toy dogs, such as Chihuahua dog, due to their small size, if they walk a long way every day, it will cause a great burden on their heart, so they only need to do some activities at home every day. When taking a dog out for sports, you should pay attention to the wearing of the traction rope. Especially in densely populated areas, don’t let the dog roam freely, so as to avoid being hit by a car or frightening pedestrians on the road, especially the elderly. Otherwise, the result can be imagined. Most owners walk their dogs in the form of walking, so unless the walking distance is long, it is difficult to achieve a certain amount of exercise. Unless the owner is still young, you can run with the dog. If you are an old owner, you should add extra activities in addition to normal walking. Of course, it’s also based on the difference between dogs. If it’s a teddy dog, ordinary walking should be able to meet their basic sports needs.
    Summer swimming is a good sport for dogs. For those dogs who can meet the exercise quantity without going out and at home, they only need to give the dogs some plastic plastic colloid toys and let them play freely or lead them to run. They don’t need to guide the dogs to do too much sports. If it’s summer, swimming will be a good sport. It can almost exercise the whole body of the dog, making the dog’s physical development symmetrical. Some dogs with bone disease will also swim to recover. The fast movement and flying obstacle in open land can make the structure of shoulder develop well and promote the development of chest, especially the front chest.
    In order to exercise the back muscles and the jumping force in the back area, we can carry out activities such as jumping board wall obstacle, high obstacle, continuous obstacle and so on. In order to exercise the dog’s speed step, we can carry out the bicycle rope traction movement, of course, the speed should not be too fast, safety first, in combination with the movement of curve changing direction, we can also exercise the dog’s whole body joint softness and movement agility. Because of the differences in body type, breed or individual, it is impossible for us to treat all dogs in the same way. How to reasonably arrange the movement of dogs needs to be determined according to their own characteristics. Don’t rush for quick success and instant benefit. The exercise done exceeds the dog’s load, causing irreparable damage to the dog.

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