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    According to the characteristics of dogs to make exercise plans to raise dogs can not only bring certain psychological benefits to us, but also help our body. For example, we usually take our dogs for a walk, but in fact, we also get exercise. It’s not just walking. If we like, we can find out a lot of sports that we can do with dogs. It’s good for dogs and ourselves.
    1. Walking. Walking is the most common exercise for dog owners. Walking at any distance can promote heart health, while walking at a longer distance can make the composition of blood fat change the most beneficial to health. For lazy owners and small dogs with less exercise demand or dogs with poor cardiopulmonary function, this kind of exercise is very suitable. After half an hour in the morning or after dinner, take a walk at a speed of about 5 kilometers per hour for half an hour, which can be adjusted appropriately according to your own situation and the dog’s situation. The speed is suitable for you to feel light and comfortable. Don’t be too quick and too short, so that the dog can follow your left and right, so that the dog can move within the range of vision, so as not to lose the dog.
    2. Running. If you want to run with your dog, jogging is the best way, because jogging is more beneficial to your heart health, and we can also play with your dog while running, improve your feelings and adjust your mood while exercising. The time is also better in the early morning or evening. The time of each run should not be too short or too long. The running time should not be less than 3 times a week. When running, the body should be relaxed, the pace should be light, the breathing rhythm should be adjusted, and the pace should be adjusted according to your own physical condition, so that the dog can follow your speed, rather than be taken out of breath by it, especially the owner with poor health or chronic disease should pay more attention. If your dog is a working dog, such as a sheepdog, sled dog or hound, with a lot of exercise, you can change jogging to speed running to increase the intensity of exercise.
    3. Don’t rush to wash the toys (such as Frisbee, ball, etc.) after the dog’s exercise. Playing these toys with the dog can not only exercise ourselves and the dog, but also enhance our relationship with the dog, and also play a certain training effect. Compared with running or walking, picking up toys is more changeable and interesting. And frisbee and throw pick up the ball game is easy to start, before playing, to check whether the Frisbee or the ball is cracked or incomplete, so as to avoid scratching themselves and dogs. In addition, pay attention to whether there are uneven or dangerous goods on the site, and avoid the area where people are moving, so as to avoid sprains, bumps or injuries to others.
    4. Swimming. Swimming is a very good sport for dogs. Many dogs with bone problems will use this sport to make their bodies recover slowly. However, many dogs are nervous when they go into the water for the first time, so they are mainly watching.

    Precautions when exercising with dogs:
    1. Understand the characteristics of dogs, so as to choose the appropriate exercise.
    2. Rest for a period of time after exercise, and then drink enough water for the dog, and supplement nutritious food.
    3. After exercise, clean the dog’s whole body to remove the dirt in the outdoor, but don’t take a shower just after exercise.
    4. Exercise time can be in the morning or evening. The short time of kinesthetic sleep can make you and your dog fall asleep quickly.
    5. Dogs should also do a good warm-up exercise, do not come up too fierce.

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