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    After vaccinated, the dog needs enough rest and to avoid excessive disturbance and do not allowed to exercise excessively.
    Dogs who have just received the vaccine are prone to sleep, vomit, have diarrhea, and do not eatting or drinking. At this time, you can feed your dog with probiotics, which can increase the prebiotics and reduce the unsuitability.
    The immunity of your dog will be weakenimmunity after being vaccinated. So keeping warmth for your dog is required (Antibodies will be produced after 10-15 days of injection of the vaccine. Meanwhile, its immunity will be the weakest)
    It is normal that your dog who has just vaccinated has less appetite. It is still necessary to give your dog some time to adapt. Don’t change the food just because the dog doesn’t eat. And usually the best food for your dog is to choose nutrients rich in protein and calcium.

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