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    Daily care requires regular cleaning of eyes and ears, nail cutting, bathing with high-quality decontamination shampoo and whitening shampoo alternately better, keep combing once or twice a day, comb dead hair and broken hair to prevent hair knot. There are six steps that must be completed in general daily care and grooming.

    1. Brush (to remove dead hair and dust). Use a professional brush, needle comb and hair comb to do the overall brush, brush off the floating hair and dust to prevent the tangle of hair caused by the following steps. Here is the appropriate choice Comb the size of your dog, so as not to get too long or too short.

    2. Comb. In this step, you should carefully comb each layer of hair with row comb to find out whether there are skin diseases and knots. Pay attention not to hurt dog’s technique.

    3. Ear and eye cleaning (pulling out ear hair, ear washing can prevent ear dampness, otitis and ear mite). Poodle and Schnauzer dogs only need to pull out ear hair regularly. Please use professional ear hair powder. It’s also very important to clean the ear canal. You can use the ear washing water to drop in, wait for the dog to shake his head, and then use the cotton swab to slowly rotate the cotton swab from the outside of the ear to the inside to bring out the dirt. A healthy dog’s ears should be tasteless. In general, long eared dogs such as bagiduka need to clean their ears frequently. Then the cleaning around the eyes can also be done by first dropping the eye wash liquid for pets, then dropping the eye protection liquid. Finally, the hair around the eyes can be cleaned with a cotton swab to check whether there is hair in the eyes or trichiasis.

    4. Nail cutting, foot hair cutting (anti skidding, interphalangeal inflammation), abdominal bottom cutting, hair near anus (keep clean when defecating). Foot cleaning is very important. If the foot hair is too long, bacteria will grow. It is easy to get fungus if you dry your dog’s feet after washing. Regular nail clippers are good for people and dogs. The hair under the belly can be cut short according to the situation, especially in summer. There may be dirt near the anus of long haired dogs, which can be checked and cleaned first.

    5. Take a bath and squeeze the anal gland (the anal gland is prone to inflammation for a long time). Do not use human shampoo bath gel when taking a bath, because the skin is different, you can choose the dog specific shampoo. Be careful not to use the bath gel frequently. All white wash body lotions will have alkaline singeing to make the hair no longer shiny. Dog owners can buy white wash and moisturizing body lotions to use alternately. It is recommended to use hair care element in hair washing. Like human hair conditioner, it can also prevent dust from touching hair.

    6. Blow dry and comb. When blow dry, it is necessary to blow against the hair so as to prevent skin diseases from blowing dry from the bottom hair. When it is half dry, it is necessary to comb from the root of the hair, blowing and combing until the hair is completely dry.

    In this way, six steps down the general do not need to groom the dog to do a good job of hair care in the back can do modeling.

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