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    Puppy food is the guarantee of dog development in childhood. In order to make the dog grow up healthily, the nutrition in puppy food is very important. The nutrition in puppy food is like a complex puzzle. All kinds of nutrients are combined together to form the elements of dog growth. Therefore, before choosing puppy food, the owner must make clear the nutrition required by the dog.
    As a reminder, the nutrients in puppy food are not only comprehensive, but also accurate. According to the different body type (small dog, medium dog, large dog or giant dog), age (young dog, adult dog or old dog), physiological state (sterilization, pregnancy or illness, etc.), the nutrient content needed is also different. So it’s wise to choose a high-quality, nutritious, comprehensive and precise food for your pet. For example, protein is a component of tissues and organs; essential fatty acids can help resist inflammation and brighten the coat; minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron) can help metabolism, maintain skin health and promote bone health; vitamins can help protect cells, improve their resistance, and prevent oxidation and delay aging. All of these are indispensable.

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