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    During dog walking, the owner should take the initiative in the process of educating the dog. The owner must make some principles for the dog to be tolerant and tolerant, which will only let the dog touch our bottom line again and again. Therefore, making some rules is a necessary means to educate dogs. Once dogs break these rules, we should punish them appropriately. We should not muddle along. Otherwise, in the subconscious of dogs, we will think that even if they make mistakes, they will not be punished and dissatisfied, and will become more willful in the future.
    Usually when we take the dog out, we must hold the leash well. In addition, we must control the leash well. Do not loosen the leash in the hand because the dog wants to run forward or rush to something. Once you let out a distance, they will want to run a longer distance. If they are satisfied with their daily needs, once they violate their wishes one day, the dog is likely to have a bad mood. Therefore, they usually wear a good hauling rope, and where they go should be controlled by the owner himself.
    Also remember not to let dogs into the kitchen at ordinary times, because dogs have the habit of biting, and most of our daily garbage is in the trash can in the kitchen. Once the dog enters the kitchen to pound the garbage can and eat by mistake, it is likely to be poisoned. Even if it is not poisoned, it may also cause diarrhea and vomiting due to eating unclean food. Therefore, it is necessary to train the dog not to enter the kitchen or turn over the garbage can at ordinary times. Once these situations occur, it is necessary to criticize them on the spot. For turning over the garbage can, some dogs must be stopped in time.
    They usually bite their fingers, but they often bite lightly, which will not cause any harm to the owner. Maybe the owner thinks this kind of behavior is fun, so he doesn’t care about it or stop it. However, if dogs are allowed to behave like this all the time, it is likely that they will be bitten by dogs due to some accidents. Generally, dogs behave like this not only because of habits, but also because of the need to grind their teeth. Therefore, when they train to correct their habits, they should also provide tools for grinding their teeth, which may have a better effect.
    No rules no standards. The same for dogs, everything should have a degree, once crossed this boundary may cause many adverse effects. Therefore, some principles should be formulated for dogs. Once dogs break this principle, they should be punished appropriately.

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