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    Be sure to take rainproof measures. In general, when it rains, we should not take our dogs out. But many dogs are used to going out to shit and pee, or they will hold their own, which will undoubtedly have a certain impact on the dog’s health, so many owners have to take the dog out in the rain to excrete. However, in order to prevent dogs from catching cold due to rain, we need to pay attention to many precautions. Since it’s a rainy day, rainproof measures must be taken.
    In fact, many pet shops now sell raincoats for dogs, so you must wear them when you take them out in rainy days. We also need to pay attention to not taking the dog too far away, just around the house as much as possible. If there is no thunder, we can take the dog to walk under the tree as much as possible, so as to minimize being caught in the rain.
    In addition, it is very important to dry the hair after bringing the dog back in rainy days, especially their feet, which is the part with the most water, so they must not be careless. If you do not dry it in time, but let it dry on its own, it is likely to cause the dog to suffer from skin disease, resulting in biting the paws. Be sure to blow dry when you come back There is also a very easy to ignore problem here, that is, many owners like to put a bag or some cloth on the dog’s feet, and then tie it with a rubber band, but after the end of excretion or exercise, some owners usually directly pull the bag or cloth off, so the rubber band is still left on the dog’s feet. If it’s just a short stay, then the general problem is not big, but if it’s tightened for a few days, it will inevitably lead to the dog’s foot congestion, and then it may lead to necrosis, the worst situation is that the dog may need amputation.
    So when taking dogs out in the rainy season, we must pay attention to the rain proof measures, try to choose a place with less rain to walk, and don’t stay outside for too long. After returning home, we must dry the coat. Carefully observe whether there is any foreign body on the dog’s feet, so as not to pose a threat to the dog’s health.

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