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    We know that Pomeranians are standard small dogs, but because of their round shape, they often make many owners want to give them a little fat, which will show their loveliness. But with the development of science, we know that dog obesity can cause many health problems. So if we want to have healthy dogs, what should we give them to eat in our daily life?

    First of all, remember to drink cold water suitable for drinking for Pomeranians at any time, and change water frequently, and consume at least 60 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day on average, while puppies, lactating females, working dogs or hot climate consume more water.

    In general, it’s OK to give dogs dog food. The amount of food per serving depends on the energy required by the animals and the calories contained in the food. Every different brand of dog food has different weight on the package. The owner often recalculate the amount of each food to avoid obesity.

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