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    Checking Before Vaccinating:
    1. Cats with poor physique and malnutrition are better to improve their physique and strengthen nutrition until they are healthy before vaccinating.
    2. Vaccination is not allowed at the time of illness. Vaccination at this time will aggravate the disease due to the vaccine reaction and may also prevent the vaccine from producing the best immune effect.
    3. Cats need to be parasite expelling before vaccination.
    4. If cats have been contacted with a sick cat before injection, they should be fully body inspected before injecting the vaccine.
    5. Vaccination of pregnant cat may cause miscarriage, which is absolutely prohibited. The antibody in cat’s body is very high when it is pregnant which generally does not infect diseases. So pregnant cats don’t need to be vaccinated
    6. Within half a month after delivery, mother cats are not suitable for getting vaccination
    7. Cats whose trauma has not healled are not allowed to be vaccinated.

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