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    It’s a good way to judge whether the dog is healthy or not, because most of the time, the dog is not comfortable, it will be very honest through their body. Vomiting, laxity and diarrhea are common problems. Some dogs are born with weak gastrointestinal function, so we should pay more attention to this kind of dogs, especially on food and other issues, to prevent dogs from discomfort.

    Dogs suddenly have some abnormal behaviors:
    1. Their mental condition is not good. Although dogs sleep most of the time, there are some times of the day that are more active, but if dogs always look unhappy, even when the owner teases them, they don’t walk far, most of them are physical discomfort.
    2. Abnormal defecation. Defecation can directly reflect the dog’s physical condition. The normal dog’s defecation is formed, with a bad smell but not particularly heavy. If the dog is always pulling soft stool or pulling thin and has a strong taste, then the gut of the dog may be in addition to the problem.
    3. Eating abnormally. If other conditions are normal, but the dog suddenly appears the phenomenon of loss of appetite or increase of appetite, it is generally abnormal. So if you find this problem, you must pay more attention to the dog’s condition. If you find something unusual, you’d better check it as soon as possible.

    Gastrointestinal discomfort:
    1. Dogs often eat too much food too fast, which leads to eating too much food. Vomiting will occur and the state of vomitus will be observed. If the vomitus is all undigested dog food, and the state of dogs is not bad, it is caused by eating too much. If a dog vomits white or yellow water or foam, it may cause inflammation in the stomach and intestines. It is easy to defecate soft stool
    2. It may be eating too much meat or greasy food, because too much oil will lead to the dogs’ intestines and stomach unable to absorb. Moreover, the feces will be sticky and have a bad smell. The more serious situation is to pull more thin feces. For dogs with intestinal discomfort, try to feed light food
    3. Easy to constipation. If dogs often have constipation, consider whether dogs usually drink too little water. It is also possible to eat too much food that is not easy to digest, but also pay attention to let the dog do some exercise properly, and do not lie on the stomach after eating.

    How to protect dogs’ intestines and stomach?
    1. In addition to dog food, we can occasionally feed some fruits and vegetables. Dog food is the dog’s dinner, but in addition, we can occasionally feed some fruits and vegetables to dogs, which can improve the taste, provide additional nutrients, and help intestinal digestion.
    2. Try to follow the principle of eating less and eating more. Dogs should follow the principle of eating less and eating more. Control the amount of feeding and feed several times a day. This can not only ensure that the dog will not be uncomfortable because of eating too much, but also can make the dog feel hungry to avoid the problem of being picky about food and not eating.
    3. Pay attention to the food to be fed. In the food to be given to dogs, it is necessary to avoid feeding high salt, high sugar, high fat or spicy food. If it is after diarrhea or vomiting, millet porridge is a good choice, will not produce irritation to the stomach and intestines. In the recovery period of some diseases, millet porridge can also be used as a temporary replacement, and the dog can resume the previous diet after recovery.

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