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    It is lucky for dogs that can be raised for more than ten years, because they all have a good owner who loves them. So when the dog enters the old age, the owner should give the dog more care. Their physical functions are deteriorating, and they will be accompanied by many diseases of the elderly. Like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. So we should adjust our diet properly.

    First of all, it is necessary to reduce salt and fat, increase protein and match with appropriate minerals in the feed. Because the old dog’s teeth and digestive system are weak, we must choose some food that is easy to digest. Now the pet food manufacturers have the feed specially prepared for the old dogs.

    For the old dogs with too big teeth and poor teeth, if they are worried about the feed being too hard, they can use hot water to soak it soft and then feed it to the dogs. If the economic conditions are good, they can also choose canned food.

    Eat less and eat more meal. You’d better feed 3-4 times a day. In winter, the number of times of feeding can be increased appropriately to ensure the necessary heat of the old dog. Treat your old dog as well as the old man at home, and good intentions will pay off!

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