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    Puppy dog food is specially made for puppies, which is more suitable for puppies in terms of nutrition. However, when puppies grow up slowly and enter adulthood, due to the change of metabolism in the body, puppy dog food can no longer meet the daily needs of puppies, so the owner needs to change food for puppies.
    There is a transitional stage in the conversion of puppy food to adult food. Although most breeds of dogs look like adult dogs at the age of 6-8 months, they are still puppies. Their bones are still growing and growing stronger; their bodies are growing.
    Only after 12 months (24 months for large dogs), when they no longer need extra calories and nutrition, can they be prepared to change into dog food. In order to avoid damaging their weak digestive system, they should add new adult dog food into their regular puppy food at the beginning of food change, and then gradually increase the proportion of adult dog food in about 7-10 days.

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