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    Try not to choose plastic sewn doll plush toys for dogs to chew and play. Some plush toys will make a sound after being chewed, so as to attract the attention of dogs. Although this kind of toy is just a small thing in our daily life, we can’t choose it carelessly. The wrong choice will also bring some bad effects to the dog, so we should try our best.

    1. Pay attention to the eyes and noses of toys. There are three situations of eyes and noses of general plush toys. The first is the sewn plastic objects, the second is sewed or woven directly, and the third is the sewn cloth eyes and noses. Of the three methods, the latter two are suitable for dogs to play with. It’s easy for dogs to chew these protruding parts. Once dogs chew these two positions for a long time, and the sewing of these items is not very firm, the dogs will soon bite these plastic buttons, and then they will take the stuffing out of the hole, and small dogs will eat these cotton, not only that, the dogs may also bite them “Nose” and “eyes” are swallowed together. There are some hidden dangers for the safety of dogs. Because of the soft texture and general taste, the latter two methods will not pay attention to them and will not be the focus of the dog.
    2. Pay attention to the stuffing in the interior. Most toys played by dogs are easy to be damaged, because their playing method is mainly biting, so we must consider the impact if biting is broken. A lot of plush toys take into account the feeling of people when playing, there are not only fluffy cotton but also some small plastic particles to increase the weight. These small particles will fall out after the dog bites the toy. In order to prevent some dogs from eating the plastic, it’s better to choose the one without the filler. Of course, when the dog plays with toys, we also need to check whether there is a breach from time to time, and then make up the breach in time to prevent any kind of filler from falling out.
    3. Pay attention to the volume of toys. When selecting plush toys, the volume should be determined according to the size of the dog’s mouth, which is better than a little larger than its mouth. If it’s too small, the dog will hold the whole toy in his mouth. Soon, the saliva will cover most of the toy area. He will also pick up the toy and let you throw it. At that time, it’s estimated that there are not many people who really want to pick up the toy. Moreover, if you don’t want the toy to be always dirty, you have to clean it often. Otherwise, too much bacteria is bad for the dog’s health. The dog toys with bigger mouth are mostly exposed outside the dog’s mouth. It’s convenient for you to play with it. You don’t need to pick toys out of its mouth or clean them all the time, so it’s much easier.
    4. Pay attention to the fabric of toys. When choosing plush toys, you should also pay attention to the fabric. Long plush toys are not suitable, and it’s better to choose plush toys or short plush toys. Because the plush hair is longer, dogs like to tear it down, and soon the toys will not look like them, and dogs may also swallow the hair they have bitten down. So when choosing this kind of toys, try to choose the ones that are not sewn with plastic, slightly stronger and easy to clean, so that they are not much safe and can play for a relatively long time.

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