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    Because of the large size of large dogs, they will eat more than small dogs and medium-sized dogs. Some large dogs will eat more than three times more than small dogs. Therefore, pet owners should pay attention to their nutrition supplement during the feeding process, so as to make them grow healthily.

    Due to the large size of large dogs, they need more nutrition. In the daily feeding process, the owner must pay attention to the meat and vegetable combination to ensure that the nutrition of their food is comprehensive and balanced >In the process of dog’s growth, we need a lot of protein, fat, carbohydrate, etc.
    Under normal circumstances, an average weight of 1 kg, 8-10 G protein, 2-3 g fat, 30-40 g carbohydrates, and 10 kg calories. What we said here is only the standard feeding dosage. The owner can conduct in-depth research according to his dog. If a dog ingests too much protein, it will seriously affect their urinary system and digestive system. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to matching a reasonable nutritional meal for the dog, so that it will not affect their health, but also make them thrive.
    In fact, although large dogs look strong and feel that they are in good physical condition and rarely get sick, they will be considered to be better raised. In fact, large dogs need to be taken care of more carefully by dog parents, especially their needs for calcium nutrition, which directly determines their bone health. If dogs fail to take in enough calcium camp If they are raised, they will be short and stunted.

    So the dog parents must focus on the supplement of calcium nutrition, and ensure that they can absorb calcium well, so that they can grow bigger and more powerful. In addition, in the process of raising large dogs, their daily care is also a top priority. Therefore, the owner should take care of them, which is the most perfect breeding method.

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