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    Breast milk is sufficient, try to feed the dog breast milk because many female dogs will be lack of breast milk for various reasons, so when necessary, we can only rely on the owner’s site to feed the dog. It’s just that not all milk is suitable for suckling puppies. At least we can’t drink milk. But milk is often the most used one. Because of this, many puppies will have symptoms such as diarrhea or gastrointestinal discomfort. Therefore, we must be more careful in the selection of lactation products.
    1. It is better not to feed the dog with fresh milk, because in most cases, the dog will suffer from lactose intolerance, resulting in diarrhea. This situation has a great impact on the puppies. Once the puppies suffer from diarrhea and physical decline, they will be more vulnerable to the impact of external viruses, and thus become ill. If the puppies are infected with infectious diseases, the attack on them is undoubtedly fatal.
    2. We can choose goat milk powder to feed to dogs. Compared with the fresh milk we drink, goat milk powder is more easily absorbed by dogs, and the nutrition is better, and it will not cause adverse reactions to dogs. It is more suitable for adult dogs and puppies. Whether it’s goat milk powder or yoghurt, control the quantity well.
    3. There are certain stages in feeding. Not all age groups of dogs are suitable for feeding. Because some milk powder has a high nutritional content, but for some middle-aged and old dogs, it does not need so much nutrition. Excessive supplementation may lead to excessive nutrition in dogs, which may lead to obesity, which will lead to a number of problems.
    4. Usually, you can properly feed some yoghurt to the dog, which can not only promote the intestinal digestion of the dog, but also will not cause discomfort to the dog, but you still need to control the amount. No matter it’s goat milk powder or yoghurt, although it has no effect on the dog’s health, there are certain benefits, but eating too much also has no benefits. We believe that we all understand the truth that the extremes of things must be reversed, so controlling the quantity can bring benefits to the dog’s health. For newborn puppies, if the breast milk is sufficient, try to let them eat breast milk, but if the breast milk is insufficient, do not force the female dogs to feed the puppies, which will do great harm to the health of the female dogs.

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